01 | 018 | Cut Throat

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Kokoneos Kokoneos | A.N.

We got some problems fam

24th Nov 2021, 5:00 PM



whiteshaix whiteshaix

Where did she go? :)
Great coloring, again.

24th Nov 2021, 5:05 PM


Kokoneos Kokoneos

Ty! :,)

25th Nov 2021, 11:34 PM


jmluvsbob jmluvsbob

Seeing as how Terrestrial still seems fine for the most part, makes you wonder whose 0G blood splatter that is. I guess we’ll find out.

25th Nov 2021, 7:51 AM


Kokoneos Kokoneos

Well if Zsavae were to get her way 100%- probably everyone's. It'd be like a bloody 4th of July o_O'

25th Nov 2021, 11:38 PM


BlueDragon BlueDragon

Terrestrial...I'm just gonna leave this right here.

Also...like, how you comment on "preds" then lick blood? Dude, you're doing the same thing, only you don't need to o_O

19th Dec 2021, 2:05 PM


Kokoneos Kokoneos

RIGHT? Zsavae has a lot of complexes- as we'll learn. haha

(And lol, that's one of my favorite Monty Python bits, along with the argument skit)

28th Dec 2021, 4:19 PM


BlueDragon BlueDragon

OMG! I LOVE that skit.

Though, in hindsight, it feels a little too real these days X'D X'D

28th Dec 2021, 5:50 PM


Kokoneos Kokoneos

It really does tho lol Reminds me of that Korean film where there's this cussing tournament and it's meant to be super shocking (people fainting at the words) and I'm like... yeh that's just the internet...

28th Dec 2021, 6:00 PM

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